About Us

GOAN VARTA, a vibrant Marathi newspaper was launched by Fomento Media Pvt. Ltd. on 18 June 2015. With a focussed and strong local coverage, GOAN VARTA made a solid impact all over Goa in the shortest time. GOAN VARTA is having a strong presence all over Goa as well as in Sindhudurg district of neighbouring state of Maharashtra and in bordering areas of Karnataka including Belgao and Karwar.

With a major thrust on fresh, exclusive, special and unbiased local news and news-features, GOAN VARTA has made a mark in the minds of Marathi readers. The dynamic newspaper has a lively editorial page with strong and clear views expressed in editorials. While providing news from all corners of the state as well as national, international, sports, business news, GOAN VARTA brings a weekly supplement ‘Tarang’ on every Sunday. Tarang is dedicated to literature, culture, lifestyle,socio-political living. ‘Tee’ supplement, known for the likes of women, has given platform to creative women writers. Apart from ‘Tarang’ and ‘Tee’ there are other supplements like ‘Aarogya-Vidnyan’, ‘Sandhi’, ‘Generation Next’ to cater to the likes and reading needs of readers of all age groups.

Within a short span of time GOAN VARTA has created an open and friendly platform to readers from all classes and masses! Along with the website and printed newspaper GOAN VARTA has active twitter handle, facebook page, e-paper and series of breaking news all over the day. With all these platforms we are here to serve our readers in terms of news, features, information and knowledge.